How it works

MX Mail filter is a antispam, antivirus and antimalware email filtering service based on AI that you can have up and running in minutes. Clean mail is automatically forwarded to your server for delivery and your users can view quarantined messages online in real-time or receive a report.  Features:
  • Complete email security
  • No software or hardware to install
  • No changes on your email clients
  • Based on AI
  • Against Spam, Virus, Malware, Phising, Spoofed undeliverable notice, DDOS
  • 3 seconds setup!
  • from 0.3USD /month/user

Have it up and running in minutes!

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Your emails are filtered with 20 of the best antivirus!


A lot of antispam rules and keywords from the best online community are active!


Every day appears 200 new malware, we upgrade the protections every 10 min